Trip to Milan

Places to vist in Milan- Get mesmerized by the beauty and elegance

Milan is known to be the most popular city of Italy that is rightly known as the fashion capital of the world as it is home to some of the most renowned and talented fashion designers of the world. A trip to Milan will allow you to unwind amidst the beauty and elegance of the place that is sure to leave you spellbound by its beauty, opulence and amazing architecture. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the trendy and modern skyscrapers that is surrounded by amazing historical buildings that contributes to its popularity among the tourists and visitors. The rich heritage and cultural past of the place need to be explored when visit the city so that you will get to witness
its beauty and grandeur through your own eyes. You will also get to see eccentric beautiful buildings, priceless art of work, world class restaurants and lip smacking foods that you will find in Milan. Hence it can rightly be said that Milan is a sublime mix of modern high rise skyscrapers and historical architecture that are mingled together for getting a dash of the Italian life.

Places to visit in Milan


Milan Cathedral- it is considered as the must see monument of this city as The Milan cathedral is situated in Piazza Del Duomo which is the historic center and you can stay near the monument. It is also the third largest cathedral of the world as it is made with perfectly carved stones and it contains 2000 white marble statues that make it unique and beautiful than the other historical place to visit. It is a super impressive monument that is rightly called as the marble hedgehog and it has 5 sumptuous naves in the interiors and tombs of archbishops that make it even more interesting place to visit.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele- this monument is the result of the art and architecture of the 18th century and it is covered with iron and glass which houses a large number of cafes, shops and restaurants. This picturesque monument is known for its magnificent central dome and emblem on mosaic that represents the different cities of Italy so that you can peek into its amazing past and culture.


Santa Maria Delle Grazie- if you want to see one of the most popular monument of Milan then you should not miss this amazing place as it offers an amazing experience that you will not be able to forget in your entire lifetime. It is 8.8 meters wide and 4.6 meters high that have marvelous painting that is made with oil and tempera on the gypsum preparation. The painting technique was different and you will love the feel of Last Supper of Leonardo when you visit this monument. It is an ideal place for you if you love exploring history or you want to research this place as you will cherish every moment that you spend here in Milan. It offers an insight into the culture and heritage of this amazing city just by visiting this place.