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Camaro Super Sport Graphics Kit
Highlight your Camaro's style with our new SS Graphics Kit!

Designed to fit all 2011 Camaros with "power bulge" hood.

Protect Your Investment
Did you know you can purchase a custom made trailer cover from Race Sign Specialists to protect your trailer and trailer graphics against the elements?
Our Style Performs....

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Flame Designs
At RSS, we love Flames! We've put them on everything from race cars and trailers, to trucks, helmets - even a garage wall and mailbox. Choose from either the Classic, Tribal, or our newest design - Extreme. Since all of our Flame Kits are produced to order, you can choose any color combination you want - from mild to wild! Just tell us what colors you have in mind and we'll make them specifically for you.

The Classic is a 6-color digitally printed on 2mil 3M Controltac Graphic Film and laminated. Unlike other flame kits, ours withstand waxes and chemicals, as well as gasoline, and will not fade or discolor. Although the classic is generally printed in orange fading to yellow with red and blue outlines, we can produce it in other colors too!

Main flame and "licks"
Shown with optional small crossed flags
and race team name

Other flame "lick" options
Flames - Alternate Lick Placement
Flames - Alternate Lick Placement

Each trailer kit consists of two main flames (one for each side) measuring approximately 2' x 8' and four sets of flame "licks" which you can position above and behind the wheel wells or wherever you like.

Also included is your choice of one of three styles of Flame Burns for the rear of your trailer.

Flame Burns for Rear
Style 1
Straight Burn
Flame Back Style 1
Style 2
Flaired Burn
Flame Back Style 2
Style 3
Superflair Burn
Flame Back Style 3

Flames on Dodge Dakota truck
The price of the complete Classic Flame Trailer Kit is $579. Smaller size kits designed to fit helmets, motorcycles, UTV's, cars and trucks (like on the Dodge Dakota to the right) are available from $39.95 - call or email us for details and pricing.

The Tribal is made from premium 2 mil cast vinyl and can be ordered in any two colors of your choosing, and can be made to fit any size trailer, truck, RV or race car.

Shown with optional small crossed flags.
Available in any two colors of your choice.

Length Price
Length Price
16' $272
22' $332
18' $292
24' $352
20' $312
26' $372

The Extreme is our newest Flame design capturing the style of today's Import Scene. It is made from premium 2 mil cast vinyl in any one of over 80 colors, and is guaranteed to look good for 5 - 7 years. It comes standard with a smaller flame for the rear tail gate.

Extreme Flames
Shown with optional small crossed flags and race team name.

Length Price
Length Price
16' $284
22' $353
18' $307
24' $376
20' $330
26' $399

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Add-On Products

Small Crossed Flags w/opt. race team name (each) $45

Logo - Basic (1 color) $50

Logo - Intermediate (2 colors) $75

Logo - Complex (3 or more colors) $100

Transporter Ramp Crossed Flags (60" x 24") $100